noir art pack 04/04 new artpack from noir
hello everybody, i just want to let you know that noir has released it's april artpack. this one is fully loaded with really great artwork. don't miss it and check it at www.noir.org
  robot_head we're looking for new projects
everything is done and so we are looking for new projects right now. if you are in need of graphic artists for games, web, industry, whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us ;-). we are very affordable and reliable. feel free to check out the project pages and project list to get an impression of our former projects. thank you for contacting us at contact at dbki.de
  projects complete project list added
a complete overview of all projects in which da_duke was involved is available now. currently without clickable pictures due the high traffic.
  viper tutorials section updated
da_duke added four new tutorials: advanced glass setup, hdri exposure, chromatic abberations and comfortable dof handling
even if most of them covering techniques for lightwave, there are plenty of informations which are suitable for other 3d packages as well.
  rocket happy new year to everybody. [dbki] want to wish you the best for 2004.
since we are often too busy to update our page frequently, here is a news section which presents our latest projects. some of them and all the other former projects are still available at our project section.
  xmas chaos deluxe
project: xmas chaos deluxe
the xmas game got a facelift and now we start round 2 of the xmas contest. the game is called 'xmas chaos deluxe' now. great prices like a game console and t-shirts are a good motivation to give it a try ;-)
and if you still can't get enough, go and get the 'xmas chaos' for your mobile phone.
the old project page can be found here:
weihnachtsmannspiel - xmas chaos deluxe
  jack the ripper
project: jack the ripper
we recently finished our work on the adventure game 'jack the ripper'. like 'pharaohs curse' it is a prerendered adventure with realtime 3d objects. i'm sorry for not having a real project page at the moment, the game is still in developing and so we are not allowed to show something else than the press releases.  
project: spacetanks
it started as a 'just for fun' project but then it turned into a full pal video trailer ;-)
da_duke created a trailer for the funny game 'spacetanks', based on the music of 'press play on tape'. the game is available in english now, just check the link, more pictures soon. here a link for some details about the game www.spacetanks.de
  crazy machine
project: crazy machine
our job on 'crazy machine' is done. we were involved for modeling and texturing low poly realtime objects for a game which can be descripted as a sequel to 'incredible machine'. the link leads to the publisher, we'll work on a project page soon.