fractals by da_duke

hi folks, thats a quick page about my old passion - fractals.

here some 2d stuff, mostly composings with different fractals or variations, images are little bit large, around 150-220 kb, collection still growing ...
mandelbrot, spirals mandelbrot, the big notch quad julia set quad julia set, compositing of different values
the classical spiral, compositing of 2 spirals with some nifty color effects ;-) the big notch, it's my favourite area for spirals julia set, thought it's the quad julia version same julia set, compositing of different values
jepessen powered c    
other formula, just a quick test the power of c ;-), nice ornament    

more coming soon, i'm looking for a nice and fast fractal calculation program because the one i used isn't free and the author wasn't very kind to us.

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